Siirry sisältöön

Sauna in the village style!

In our garden, next to the barley fields, is our sauna area with lots of sauna experiences.

Private sauna evenings are available around the year, and good times are guaranteed since everyone will be wearing our famous sauna outfits!

There are many saunas to choose from:


A HUGE sauna for 30 people. Selected as the best sauna in Finland by Helsingin Sanomat in 2005.

dark SAUNA

An old smoke sauna for 8 people, nowadays warmed with a continuously heated Iki wood heater. Our oldest sauna!

whisky SAUNA

A former whisky storage barrel made in to a sauna for 7 people.

climate SAUNA

A unique sauna built from 100% recycled parts. A place to think about your climate footprint. Seats 3 people.


hot tub

A great place to relax for 10 people.

cold pool

Refreshing water at around 9 degrees celsius!

private sauna evening

Reserve our premises for your group for an unforgettable sauna experience. The prices include our famous Sauna Suits, dressing rooms for women and men, drinking water plus all necessary saunagoing things. You can also visit the Koskenkorva Museum and in the summertime chill out at our terrace.

Alcoholic beverages for the sauna come from our wide and high quality selection of local drinks. It is not possible to bring own drinks at the sauna.

The evening can be completed with one of our menus.

dark sauna or whisky sauna
550 €
7-8 persons

850 €
30 persons

all 3 saunas
1050 €
50 persons

hot tub and cold pool
200 €

Ask for an offer or more info from

There are separate prices for guests staying the Distillery Manager’s House.

In the summertime it is also possible to visit the saunas during our open sauna evenings.

Trahteerin Sauntrikoot | Sauna Suits of Trahteeri | Baddräkter av Trahteeri | Сауны Костюмы Трахтери

Sauna suits

Everyone visiting our saunas gets to wear our Sauna Suits, which means that everyone can visit the sauna at the same time, looking equally good!

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