Siirry sisältöön

Come to the sauna!

spa evening

Bathe in the Entertainment Sauna & the Infrared Sauna and take a nice bubble bath in the Trahteeri Spa!

traditional outdoor saunas

Bathe in our famous Smoke Sauna & Aitokiuas Sauna next to a barley field, relax in the outdoor hot tub and hop in the cold pool!

In the summertime every Wednesday until August 1st we have open sauna evenings! Read more

spa evening

The Trahteeri Spa consists of two saunas and three baths:

The Entertainment Sauna seats 12 people under a starry sky. The sauna has a television and a fridge so no need to exit the sauna soon.

The Infrared Sauna seats 6 people to really break a sweat. It’s great for cleansing your body and some say it even melts away cellulite 🙂

The price includes towels and Trahteeri’s handsome Sauna Suits, plus bubble baths. Additionally, you can try out our vodka sock treatments and feet baths!

The spa evening starts at the Koskenkorva Museum – you’re welcome to check out the exhibitions during your visit, and the bar is open for your group too. For a longer evening, we recommend our Sauna Menu.

spa evening
550 €
Max. 20 persons, sauna duration 3 hours

vodka sock treatments & feet baths
5 € / person

Trahteerin viihdesauna | The Entertainment Sauna of Trahteeri | Underhållningsbastun av Trahteeri | Развлекательная сауна Трахтеери
Trahteerin kylpylän ammeet | Baths in the spa of Trahteeri | Bad i spaet i Trahteeri | Бани в спа-центре Трахтеери

outdoor saunas

Right by a barley field you’ll find our outdoor sauna area:

Aitokiuassauna: a HUGE sauna for 30+ people!

Smoke sauna: a traditional smoky sauna for 8 people.


Next to the saunas is our outdoor hot tub for 10 people, and a cold pool for cooling off.

With these you can have a special sauna evening for up to 50 guests!

The price includes towels and Trahteeri’s handsome Sauna Suits for everyone. You’re welcome to check out the Koskenkorva Museum exhibitions during your visit, and the bar is open too. For longer evening we recommend our Sauna Menu.

smoke sauna + pools
750 €
MAX 15 persons

aitokiuassauna + pools
900 €
MAX 40 persons

total sauna experience
1000 €
MAX 50 persons

Trahteerin ulkosaunat | Outdoor Saunas of Trahteeri | Utomhusbastu av Trahteeri | Наружные Сауны Трахтейри
Trahteerin aitokiuassauna | Aitokiuassauna of Trahteeri | Aitokiuas-bastun av Trahteeri | САУНА С НАСТОЯЩЕЙ КАМЕНКОЙ
Trahteerin Sauntrikoot | Sauna Suits of Trahteeri | Baddräkter av Trahteeri | Сауны Костюмы Трахтери

sauna suits

At Koskenkorvan Trahteeri, we want everyone to feel comfortable and have the possibility to visit the saunas together. Thus we invented the Sauna Suits, which have been a staple of the Trahteeri sauna experience for already 20 years. We have no mens and womens turns – everyone goes to the sauna together and we assure you – it’s great fun!

You can also get your own Sauna Suits from our web shop.

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