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Koskenkorva Museum & Könni Museum

Koskenkorva Museum is located in the Koskenkorva Village, right next to the famous vodka distillery. It is filled with stories about the history of alcohol in Finland, the iconic national spirit Koskenkorva, and other interesting topics. In the same yard, we have the Könni Museum which tells the story of the famous local clockmakers. Both museums are owned by the Koskenkorva family.

Currently we are open only by reservations beforehand. Private tours are possible during weekdays and weekends,  contact us with the form below or at!

Our exhibitions:

Alcohol in Finland: stories from the age of home distillation, via the prohibition to current times

Koskenkorva and the distillery: Everything about the Koskenkorva village, distillery and its products

Könnit – clockmakers: The famous clockmakers from Ilmajoki and their finest achievements

Private tour pricing:

129 €
1-30 persons, duration 1,5H


199 €
1-50 persons, duration 2H

6 €
from the worlds best selection 

KOSKENKORVAN tasting set
9 €
3 X 2CL of different koskenkorvas

Private tours include comprehensive presentations about the subject by the Koskenkorva family!


Get a comprehensive inroduction to Koskenkorva from the Koskenkorva family! For private tours, Koskenkorva Museum can seat about 30-40 persons and Könni Museum 20 persons.

Please contact us at

museum bar

Our bar has the world’s largest selection of spirits from the distillery next door! Tastings of all kinds are available.


museum shop

Bottled cocktails and many local drinks, ciders and craft beers are available to go from our shop. We also have plenty of souvenirs and other memorabilia from the village!

Koskenkorva Viina -pulloja | Koskenkorva Viina bottles | Koskenkorva Viina -flaskor | Коскенкорва ликерные бутылки
Vanha viinapannu | Old pot for producing liquor | Gamla kruka för att producera sprit | Старый горшок для производства ликера

souvenirs & memorabilia

The Museum shop has lots of unique Koskenkorvan items for sale, including out famous Sauna Suits and books written by the Museum host! You can view the selection also in our web shop (currently in Finnish).

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Get Koskenkorvan souvenirs also from our web shop (only in Finnish currently)!

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