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Events & meetings

Trahteeri is a great place for all kinds of parties, events and meetings.


Have a special kind of meeting at the Koskenkorva Museum or Distillery Manager’s House.

events & dinners

Bring even a bigger number of guests to enjoy local foods and a special atmosphere at Trahteeri.


When you want a proper Finnish wedding, Trahteeri is the place to be!

Have a meeting in peace

Meetings at Trahteeri


Have a great meeting in the Koskenkorva Museum (max 32 people) or the Distillery Manager’s House (max 16 people), with lunch and necessary amounts of coffee.

Get those ideas flowing by walking in the Trahteeri yard, take a break to see the Koskenkorva Museum exhibitions and continue the evening after the meeting in our saunas! If the meeting takes several days, it is possible to stay overnight at the Distillery Manager’s House (max 10 people).

Our meeting rooms have projectors, wi-fi and other necessary meeting thingies.

200 €

300 €

lunch + coffee servings starting at
25 €
PER person

Koskenkorva knows how to party!

events and parties at trahteeri

We’ve got a special location for your events such as birthdays, gatherings and other parties. Enjoy the plentiful Trahteeri menu and let’s plan together a great programme for the evening.

Shorter visits such as bus tours are very welcome also!

events at the museum starting at
300 €
MAX 32 persons, around the year

events at the terrace, starting at
400 €
MAX 100 persons, in summertime

trahteeri menu starting at
25 €
per person

Weddings in Koskenkorva style

weddings at trahteeri

Weddings are something that we reserve the whole weekend for. We’ll help you plan the perfect programme for the day. Guests will enjoy the plentiful Trahteeri menu, and you can finish the evening off in the sauna! We even have a wedding suite available.

Contact us below and let’s think it through!

trahteeri for the whole weekend
2000 €
MAX 100 persons, in summertime

trahteeri menu starting at
36 €
per person

saunas & accomodation
ask for an offer!

By Finnish law, it is not possible to bring own alcohol beverages to Trahteeri. But, fear not, as we are at Koskenkorva, this is not a problem: there’s PLENTY available in the village 🙂

Hello, Koskenkorva residence!

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Trahteerintie 3
61330 Koskenkorva

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To treat and entertain guests well

The place to be treated and entertained especially well!