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Feast like Mannerheim!

Are you coming to the Ilmajoki Music Festival to see the Mannerheim Opera? Bring your group to enjoy the plentiful Trahteeri menu! The museum host Martti also holds presentations about Mannerheim and sprits. Make a reservation below, places limited!

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Hello, Koskenkorva residence!

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Sari Koskenkorva

Trahteerintie 3
61330 Koskenkorva, finland

News from Koskenkorva

  • 10.7.2018

    Open sauna evenings

    In the summertime, every Wednesday until August 1st at 5pm – 9pm Trahteeri’s outdoor saunas are open for all! With... Read more "Open sauna evenings"

  • 19.6.2018

    Happy midsummer fest!

    All the folks in Trahteeri wish you a great midsummer! Koskenkorva Museum is closed from June 22nd until 25th. See... Read more "Happy midsummer fest!"

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